The Ballad of The Stark Miner

by Sandy Kilpatrick

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released October 1, 2007



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Sandy Kilpatrick Portugal

Sandy Kilpatrick is a soulful singer and songwriter from Scotland, currently based in Portugal.

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Track Name: One Glorious Moment
You take control of yourself
As you take control of your body
You tattooed a serpent on your spine
And pierced your nipples twice
And came back to me a second time.
It’s your seven secret laws of falling apart
And I don’t want to make them mine.

The internet won’t help you now girl,
There’s no search we can do for this shit.
Who knows if there is a war in Heaven,
Who knows what it’s like in the place
You’re trying to escape to?
Then you’ve dreads and you’re changing your hair
Everyday’s different colours
Making charts of favourite films
And favourite songs
And every favourite thing as a distraction
From that hard and crucial part
Of that one final moment
Of those laws you’ve created

And you could build a site reviewing
Everything you like and will and didn’t like
Online diaries and poetry links and
And you could build up a dozen different identities
To hide yourself behind
Because online you’re a stranger of a very special kind
But there’s no way of getting away from the fundamental fact
Of your seven secret laws
‘Cause you’re too far down that track.
And did I say that I don’t want to make them mine?
You, you force me girl to run into things
That I didn’t mean or want to say
And sometimes I thought that heartbreak
Wanted to keep us just that way
But you keep shifting shape and changing places
And I don’t feel like another day with those kind of races
Of the mind and the past
Wasn’t built to be recast as recrimination
And in the search to calm this I searched through every station
And landed on Sky
And there’s topical things and underground bombs
And coverage and reports and all kinds of
Speculation and I’ve no real idea
What’s going on or why I landed here

It’s just that somehow I want to pull in the world
Even the attacks
To try to understand it all
In one glorious moment, like revelation
Where the chorus is the destination
And we’re in the final station
But we’re still finding excuses and explanations
For falling headlong into art
And your pierced and twisted, transformed body
And those new colours for your hair
Were never really the goal,
You were trying to transform your soul
Preparing to depart.
Track Name: In Maria's Eyes
I was there at the time of creation
Naked and far out at sea
As a wind swept over the water
Watching the dark and the light …split…inside me.

We’ve been sent to love through the dark tonight
As we wait for the moon’s mysterious rise
But in the cold, still silence
There’s nothing but your eyes

In the beginning there was the word
And the word was both love and pain
We all try to hide, but we’ll never divide
We’ll never divide water and rain.

I try to empty to a space inside
Fill it with words burning bright with grace
Where there’s no-one to run from
And no-one to chase

And finally
I’m as empty as the sky
I’m as weightless as that dream
You had of me
I’m as empty as you want me to be.

To let you in.
Track Name: Serpents in The Dust
Our love is like a setting sun
Come hold me now before it’s done
Our time is short
The season has almost gone.

A snowdrop reveals a bud of white
Now Spring has come with all her might
To close the loop
Of death, decay and life.

All buds begin from leaves that fall
Each generation has it’s call
To rise or crawl
Like serpents in the dust

I heard the sound of an awestruck dove
In an ancient wood calling from above
“All freedom flies from
the holy hands of love.”

We passed our time
With many friends
With potent dreams
And starts and ends
We watched as countries
Came and went
We watched morality
…get spent.

Our love is like a setting sun
Come hold me now before it’s done
Our time is short
The season has almost gone.
Track Name: Mercy Came Home Today
Mercy came home today
She was wearing a long black dress
With a hem that grew from the grave
Of a million murdered men.

She came from the beach where she prays
With the widows of the sea
For the fathers and all of the sons
Who look a lot like me
Coming home
With the debris

Mercy please
Please take me home tonight,
I don’t want to go home on my own
And Desire has switched off her light

All of the bars have been closed
On a night that never should end
Desire was still wearing her clothes
When she left to go home with my friend
Leaving me freezing cold
In the rain.
But the streets are alive
Because drunks need to fight
And it looks a lot like me
Going home
With the debris

Mercy please
Please take me home tonight,
I don’t want to go home on my own
And Desire has switched off her light…
Track Name: Can You Hear The Siren's Call?
Where did you go
when you came back from Spain?
I heard you’ve been missing the rain.

You’ll need a guide
if you go home tonight
So deaf from the flood of your blood.

Sailor, do you know where you’re heading?
Sailor do you know where you’re going?

Can you hear the sirens call…?